Travel Reservations

That silly thing called distance. No worries, you can always fly me, or drive me to you. I am London and South West England based and passport ready. I love traveling and I aspire to see the world and would love to accompany you on your business trip, business events, exotic vacations, or fly to your city! There will never be a dull moment between the two of us!

Drive Me To You


*Neighbouring Cities


  • 4hrs / 3000

  • 6hrs / 4000

  • 12hrs / 6000

  • Weekend / 8000

Fly Me To You

*Within *Europe

  • 4Hrs / 3500

  • 6HRS / 5000

  • 12HRS / 8000

  • WEEKEND / 10,000

For longer trips  or trips outside Europe, please contact me here


  • Airfare & transportation are additional to my rates. 

  • If we have met before, please send an email request, if not please refer to my booking page and fill our form provided.

  • All extended dates require a minimum of 24 hour prior notice.

  • Business or first class travel fair and 4 star or upscale accommodations.

  • I want to enjoy my time with you just as much as you do, this is why I require adequate amounts of rest, and a mutual respect of any and all boundaries set.

  • Want to extend my stay? 1500/per day.

  • A 50% deposit is required to confirm our meeting. 100% of the travel itinerary & deposit costs have to be covered so that I can make the proper travel arrangements. 


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